Farmers’ Market Produce & Meats

 Accepting Credit Cards


SNAP/Food Stamp Program

Sejah Farm of the Virgin Islands Farmers’ Market is accepting Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)! This program enables SNAP or Food Stamp recipients to use their EBT cards to purchase fresh organically and locally grown, healthy, fresh produce.

Sejah Farm Farmers’ Market EBT/SNAP program offers fresh locally grown vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, value added products, honey and also seeds or seedlings for food-producing plants.

WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

Sejah Farm of the Virgin Islands is a proud participant of the VI Department of Agriculture WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

This project is a partnership between: USDA Food & Nutrition Service, VI Department of Agriculture and VI WIC. For more information Contact: The Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture (340) 778-0997 ext. 239

If you are WIC recipient and participating in the FMNP Program, we are open Monday thru Friday 10am to 5pm and  Saturday 7am to 5pm visit us and you will be able to make purchases with your coupon checks at our Farmers’ Market

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

2016  Winter Season Shares

Sejah Farm of the Virgin Islands is now accepting membership applications for its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program for June 10, 2017 to August 26, 2017 growing season.  You may visit this website and download the agreement or pick up an agreement at our farm market stand Monday thru Saturday.

Our growing seasons only offers all fresh organically and locally grown produce

Sejah Farm CSA begins on Saturday June 10, 2017 for this growing season and ends August 26, 2017 . All members will be update weekly for their share pick up.  All pick up will be at Sejah Farm market stand on Saturday’s from 7am to 5pm. For further information please call 340-277-6046/9392

If you were unable to take part in this season’s CSA or would just like to request a weekly box of produce. You may call to make a request or send us your email to be included in the next season’s CSA or for any question you may have.

Sejah Farm of the Virgin Islands Farmers’ Market Stand regular business hours are Monday thru Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday from 7am to 5pm. Please call 340-773-8065 if there are any specific local produce you will like to have during our normal business hours. You may visit our website at for weekly available local produce and meats and make special orders or you may call 277-6046 or 277-9392. You may also visit our blog at make  comment, suggestion, ask questions or ideas related to agriculture in the Virgin Islands or on topic of your choice. We are located on Casper Holstein Drive. We are at the last farm gate traveling north from the Old Bethlehem Sugar Factory toward Colquohoun road or the first farm gate traveling south from Colquohoun road toward Bethlehem Sugar Factory.

Week’s Harvest

Saturday August 12, 2017

Farmers’ Market

Open 7am to 5pm

Produce and Meats Available


Seasons Peppers
Spaghetti Squash
Zucchini Squash (also used for zucchini bread)
Eggplants (Asian)
Yellow Squash
Butternut Squash
Green and Ripe Tomatoes
Hot Peppers


Collard Greens
Pac Choi


Plantains (green & ripe)
Bananas (green & ripe)
Papayas (green & ripe)


Lemon Grass

Local Preserves

Local Honey with and w/o pollen

Good’ole Seasoning (pound seasoning)


Not Available


Fresh and whole Locally Raised


local farm raised brown eggs

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) new season begins September 09, 2017 , See CSA agreement page.

We also provide technical assistance, seminars, education and training, and farm tours.

We are open Monday thru Friday10am to 5pm and  Saturday 7am to 5pm